During lockdown it has become more evident than ever that communication happens in so many different ways.



What we say is so important and the way that we say them and the words that we use. Someone once said that words are like toothpaste. Once they are out of the tube they can never be put back. Those words need to be carefully thought though and filtered in our minds before they are uttered.

I had a brilliant ‘coffee morning’ with parents during lockdown. During this session I asked parents one at a time for their opinion about home learning. Their responses were great and thought provoking for me as an educator.. A colleague told me that it was brave to give them that power. It wasn’t about power it was about listening and learning. Power would have been to not let them talk….


Non – verbal

Body language is truly amazing…The way we sit, the way we look at someone, our nuances can be read in so many different ways. I realize more than ever that a smile or a wave can make such a difference to an individual.



Technology before lockdown was a very different world for me than technology during lock down. Previously I may have shied away or bartered with a colleague so that they would do my technology and I would do their empathy…. Lockdown made me step up to the mark. I think it gave me time to take on technology and embrace it rather than run away from it.

I was honest with colleagues when lockdown began about my limitations. This gave me strength as they were always there to support me if I needed it. It also made me braver to try things out. Such a cathartic experience.  If I fell my brilliant colleagues would dust me down and we’d try again.

I have now confidently undertaken  live lessons, interviews and talks using technology I would have previously shied away from. My honesty helped get me through these . That and dusting myself down when things have gone wrong, which they have..


One size doesn’t fit all

Working alongside colleagues and parents has been really interesting during lockdown as things can easily be misconstrued. The lack of ‘incidental’ conversations which would normally happen on a daily basis has been really noticeable.

As humans we can easily read things into written communication. The same email can be read in completely different ways by two individuals. Because of this I have erred towards phone calls or live video meetings depending on the preference of the other individuals involved.

I have experienced very different views regarding emails, facebook, live lessons from parents. I have reassured them that one size doesn’t fit all. That we are all different and are all allowed to be. This has been well received.

I genuinely think that some parents envisage a book that teachers write in with ticks and crosses according to how they feel parents have faired with regard to different aspects of school life. A friend of mine thought that she would be seen as a ‘failing parent’ if her child did not 100% provide homework of an exceptionally high standard handwritten by the child through blood, sweat and tears and a ruined weekend in doing so.

The other end of this virtual homework continuum is a friend of mine who is a teacher who completed all of her child’s homework ‘to get it out of the way so that we can have a nice family weekend.’

Fluid communication is vital. One size does not fit all. This is one of the biggest lessons i’ve learnt through lockdown. In my opinion nothing beats a good conversation. Live group chats have been so beneficial. The art of listening can never be underestimated. I was on a live meeting with colleagues during lockdown. Someone said ‘I think we’ve lost Ginny ‘ To which I replied i’m here i’m just busy listening……’

Listen, listen, listen