Ginny has worked with a variety of professionals who give a great insight into how she embodies #followtheempathyroad through everything she does.

Ginny brings not only experience, intelligence and a deep understanding of how to create the conditions for children and young people with additional educational needs to thrive, she brings genuine passion and empathy. She models, consistently, the human qualities of courage, compassion, energy and wisdom she is seeking to draw out of those in her care. In short, Ginny is one of those rarest of individuals who actually walk the talk.

Roy Leighton F.R.S.A Author- Artist-Alchemist  Director - Undiscovered Country

Ginny is a breath of fresh air! I heard her speak on empathy at an event and she stood out as someone who is not only passionate but has a deep understanding of the stages humans need to go through to reach understanding.. Ginny takes audiences with her as she takes complexity and breaks it down into simplicity with humour and humility. A powerful speaker!

Jaz Ampaw-Farr, Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach

I have been lucky enough to see Ginny speak on a number of occasions both in person and via a pre recorded session. Ginny’s voice is an authentic and real one which conveys succinctly and beautifully how empathy should be at the heart of our humane profession. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to hear Ginny’s views and the findings from her work.

Emma Turner. Author of 'Be More Toddler'

Ginny has written for TES for a year now, and she continues to produce articles that really challenge my thinking and that hopefully assist and challenge teachers too. She has a really valuable insight on SEND that we know teachers really value.

Jon Severs, Commissioning Editor TES

I had the pleasure of hearing Ginny speak for the first time on the subject of empathy at a BrewEd conference in 2019. Ginny’s wisdom and integrity have stayed with me since and have a significant impact on my own professional and personal approaches. We were delighted to invite her back to the subsequent conference, where she spoken incisively and movingly on the power of trust to highly positive responses from the delegates. Ginny is an invaluable member of my professional learning network, who can always be relied upon for a balanced and wise perspective, particularly when discussing the needs of more vulnerable members of society. I was delighted to nominate her as a fellow for the Chartered College of Teaching and to invite her to speak to hundred of Buckinghamshire teachers at our upcoming Teacher Learning Day.

Dr Emma Kell, Author and Speaker