Trust is so important. Without trust relationships can’t be made. Without relationships trust can’t be sustained… I love the quote that says trust takes a long time to build but seconds to break…

When I first meet a child especially one with specific needs I see before me a box of jigsaw pieces… These pieces may have been placed together by another teacher from another class however my job is to look at which pieces are already firmly together alongside those which have not been put together correctly or need slight adjustment.

I see my role as one whereby I gently tip all of the pieces out and carefully decide which need to go together first. I like to get parents to help me sort the pieces to begin with. They have made this jigsaw before and have top tips to help me put it together correctly.

The parents are pivotal in helping me sort the pieces. They know how to sorts the pieces easily as they have sorted them so many times previously.

I always like to find the corners as they form the basis for the rest of the jigsaw. The sides
are then sorted and then the rest of the pieces into similar colours. This helps me to group
the pieces so that I can start to fit them together.

Sometimes the pieces fit easily. Other times I need a colleague to help me. Often I ask for
help to put the jigsaw together. This is best done over a cup of tea.

Sometimes the child knocks the table and the jigsaw starts to fall apart.

Sometimes the child tips the table up and the pieces all fall on the table…

Sometimes I shake the table and someone helps me stabilise the table (At times that can be
the child themselves)

The jigsaw is fragile.

I always acknowledge how fragile the jigsaw is.

Someone else can take away important parts of that jigsaw.

I am always there to help piece it back together.

The jigsaw of trust is a never ending jigsaw.